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    Yvette McCormick
    The Pearl Poodle
    Managing Member
    Hi Lovely Friends!
    The Pearl Poodle is a women’s chic and pet boutique. Our purpose is to find fashion, accessories, specialty items and gifts of all types to suit you! We want your shopping with The Pearl Poodle to be a meaningful experience.
    Jared Howard
    Jared Howard Agency - State Farm
    I love my job as a State Farm.  I have a passion for leading my team and helping the community of White County.  I have 2 amazing children that I love spending time with.  We love being outdoors and going swimming.  I love teaching them how to play new sports and games.
    Chris Howard
    Misty Allen
    Jason Del Toro
    Jeff Leach
    Buddy Dicus
    Albert '' Buddy'' Dicus, CPA
    Jim Floyd
    Robert Keen
    AirMedCare Network
    Membership Sales Manager
    For those of us living in Middle Tennessee, our recovery can depend on how much time it takes to be transported to emergency medical treatment. An air ambulance can cut that transportation time in half.  
    As a member you will have no out-of-pocket expenses related to your flight if you are flown by AirMedCare Network.. Your membership applies to everyone who is residing in your household.
    Your Sparta Chamber of Commerce President, Marvin Bullock, understands the value and importance and as a result AirMedCare (Erlanger LifeForce) is proud to partner with the Sparta Chamber of Commerce.  Call your local Membership Sales Manager, Robert Keen, today at (931) 256-7383 or visit our website at www.amcnrep.com to enroll.